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a new makeup palette, lipstick, skin cream or fragrance, all packages require decorating

January 15, 2021

Whether a brand is launching a new makeup palette, lipstick, skin cream or fragrance, all packages require decorating—and most decorative effects aren’t as simple to achieve as they look. A combination of decorating processes and specialized techniques are usually needed, whether the deco is minimal or ornate.

Deciding which types of decorating processes will achieve the look your team envisions is often a challenge, but working with the right supplier partners often makes all the difference.

“We welcome a challenge and encourage close collaboration with our customers to achieve a desired look,” says John Schofield, Many of Screentech/Sprayetech’s customers ask for advice about the best ways to bring a designer’s vision to market.


At vice president marketing & business development, says one challenge he often sees is the difficulty visualizing the different types of looks that can be achieved using various decorating techniques. “Brands—as well as the supplier partners we work with—don’t often consider all the ways to combine processes; different combinations will produce truly custom effects,” he says. “A straightforward approach is always easier, but never the most innovative. We love to challenge our customers to come up with truly unique designs, to elevate a brand,” he adds.

The team agrees. Choosing a decorating process can be a complex process. When the team was deciding which decorating techniques to use for its skincare brand Joyome (shown and described in more detail below), settling on a strategy to execute its vision was slightly more complicated than anticipated. Commenting on the package development process, Garren Lofgreen, art director, Plexus Worldwide, says, “A collaborative effort ensued with many great concepts and ideas brought to the table—in a whirlwind of fast timelines.”

Mark Bellard, president/owner, says the brands he works with usually know the type of look they want to create, but often need advice on the best way to achieve it. “When a customer comes to us with just an idea, the dialogue begins, a conversation about all the possibilities,” he says. Siloa offers silk screening, lithography, offset, pad printing, hot stamping, anodizing, electroplating and vacuum metallizing—and various spray finishing techniques—and often advises brands on which techniques are best suited for a project.
As global leaders in packaging innovation, HCT Group specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom plastic, metal and paperboard components. We offer the unique ability to completely customize packaging with assistance from a large team of expert designers and engineers.

In addition to custom packaging, customers also have the ability to choose from the world's largest stock library. HCT Group has over 1200 stock components for every category of beauty that vary in size, shape and functionality. Stock packaging is a great option for customers looking for affordable packaging that will take them to the market more quickly.

HCT's designers and engineers incorporate the latest trends and technologies into all of their services to assure truly remarkable peices that stand out amongst competitors. Whether your launching one product or an entire line of products, HCT gives you the ability to choose from limitless selection of component innovations, capabilities, overall aesthetics and deco designs.


In addition to premium cosmetic brushes and chic storage solutions, HCT Brushes also provides clients with many different added value tools and accessories such as, sponges, eyelashes, eyelash curlers, tweezers and personal care accessories. All tools and accessories are available in unique shapes, sizes and finishes or can be custom tooled to meet the personalization standards of any beauty brand.