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new material of comestic packing

December 31, 2020

As consumers become increasingly aware of the effects their makeup packaging has on the environment, ICS continues to develop more sustainable options for packaging, with rising requests and feedback from brands. At ICS our development of PCR materials and recyclable mono-materials, such as packaging using only PP and PET has caused an increased demand from brands. Mono-materials can be easily classified for recycling creating a longer life cycle of the product. The notion of recycling and reusing has also contributed to increased popularity of PCR materials and although the idea of refillable packaging is by no means new, at ICS we have also seen a recent spike in demand for a number of refillable packaging options. The simple concept of refilling and reusing packs is a great way to replace single use plastic and helps reduce waste on our planet. But current refillable packaging has to do even more than that. In order for consumers to consistently reuse their refill it has got to be both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effortless to use. Refillable packs can also be created with sustainable materials such as our ICS exclusive Biodegradable Packaging, further adding to their value.

At ICS we have recently developed our exclusive Biodegradable Refillable Lipstick. Sleek, innovative, and of course, sustainable, our refillable lipstick with biodegradable cap and base is the epitome of sustainable beauty. The lipstick inner is refillable, simply remove the lipstick mechanism from the base once the lipstick is ready to be replaced, then insert the cartridge refill back into the biodegradable outer pack. The cap and base are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and 100% made from natural plant-derived material sustainably grown for industry. Our ICS Biodegradable Refillable Lipstick is perfect for clean beauty gurus as it has not 1, but 2 environmentally responsible attributes with its zero waste outer and refillable inner.

To reduce the environmental impact packaging has on our planet, packaging suppliers, brands and consumers are seeking more sustainable packaging material alternatives. As a result the demand for environmentally responsible packaging will evolve to see increased use of Bio-resins, Paper and Biodegradable materials for zero waste packaging solutions. These alternative sustainable materials can be obtained from renewable resources like plant-based materials or sugarcane, yielding consumers’ demand for natural, organic packaging. The phrase reduce, reuse, recycle will also become a much more prominent mantra within the cosmetics industry as use of refillable, recycled and recyclable packaging will continue grow and draw consumers and brands closer to the goal of achieving minimal waste. At ICS we partner with our clients and brands to design, develop and expand our sustainable supply of packaging, from biodegradable materials to sugarcane, from PCR materials to recyclable materials and glass, from paper packaging to refillable packaging. Be the change, choose sustainable beauty with ICS.


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