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personal care for skin conditions

December 23, 2020

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"Together with Metalabs, we are poised to transform the traditional hair care products market with these new, cannabinoid-based natural supplements," Eric Steen, PhD, CEO of Lygos, tells the press.

"We believe we're just beginning to understand the vast potential of these ingredients and the many health and wellness benefits they offer across a number of sectors," says Steen.

Lygos CBx makes cannabinoids for use in cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer products. Using a proprietary fermentation tech, the company produces CBG, CBC, CBD,CBN, CBGA, CBCA, CBDA, CBDV, as well as custom polyketides, and sells them to industry in volumes from 10s of kilograms to 100s of kilograms, according to the company site. and Lygos CBx will. Upon request, ”deliver oil based, aqueous salt, ester forms or other related phases of interest to aid in formulation requirements”

Personal care major Unilever has developed a topical composition using naturalmonoterpenoids from thyme and pine that it says can balance and restore

microbiota diversity of the skin, particularly in amenable skin that presentsconditions like atopic dermatitis and acne.

Writing in two separate international patents, Unilever said its cosmetic formula had been develop edusing the natural monoterpenoid phenol derivative thymol or isomeric monoterpenoid terpineol, individually incorporated or used as a blend. Analogues could also be used but preferably thymolwould be obtained from thyme oil or thyme extract and terpineol from pine oil, the company said

The formula could be used to make a range of leave-on and wash-off face, body and hair care products, including skin cream, hand sanitizer, body lotion, sunscreen, deodorant, face wash, shampoo and even single-use personal care wipes. Most preferably, Unilever said it would be used to manufacture a leave-on cream.